Brokerage Services

Just because we are a private mortgage lender doesn’t mean we are down on the Big Banks. They absolutely have their place in the industry.  Let’s face it, outside of the "Bank of Mom & Dad" (which can come with a different kind of cost), banks and credit unions offer some of the best interest rates and lowest fees in the industry.

If you are in the market for Bank Mortgage Financing (purchases, refinances, credit lines, commercial, industrial, agricultural…) and are prepared to jump through the required hoops in order to get approved, our network of mortgage professionals can help you.  Contact us today for details.

Like in any industry there are the good, the bad, and the ugly. The mortgage industry is no different. As a lender, every day mortgage professionals from across the province open files with us for their clients who need more of a “common sense” approach to approving their loan. Outside of these loan applications we see many other things from these mortgage professionals: experience, professionalism, area of specialty, level of service, geographic location...  This means we have a unique ability to help connect you with a mortgage professional that fits your situation.  Our professional network includes big franchise brokerages, smaller boutique shops, commercial specialists, and even the local mortgage guy who's been doing it since the 70's.

Evergreen has developed and managed a Brokerage Division built around a vast network of different kinds of mortgage professionals & lenders. We'll make sure to connect you with the proper people so you get the loan you need. And don't worry about this just being a handoff to someone else, you'll have an Evergreen team member to assist you throughout the entire process.