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Evergreen Mortgage Corporation™ is a full service private mortgage lender located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  We are registered under the British Columbia Mortgage Brokers Act which is administered by the Financial Institutions Commission of BC. Our primary business involves Equity Mortgage Lending & Private Mortgage Administration, while also providing a unique offering to other private lenders in the non-conventional lending space through our Professional Services division.

Founded in 2003, Evergreen was built on the principle of “equity lending”. That equity in real estate is like money in a piggy bank and that property owners should be able to gain access to it without Bankers having to qualify and approve every little detail.  We believe that everyone’s situation is unique and that there is more than one correct answer when filling out each box on a loan application. We accept that “affordability” isn’t always dictated by “debt ratio” and your credit worthiness shouldn’t be equal to your current job or credit situation. Our belief in equity means that you have options - Evergreen can help you explore those options. 


E-mail: info@evergreenmortgage.ca           Phone: 604-901-2402



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